Thursday, August 21, 2014

Is The Rumor True??? New Charming CeCe Caldwell's Colors???

YOU BETCHA!!!  CeCe Caldwell's has heard your requests and they think these new colors will make you HAPPY!!!  Nine new colors: Grand Prairie Sage, Jersey Tomato, Middleton Mustard, Newport Navy, Pueblo Pepper, Silverhill Fog, Tahoe Taupe, Texas Tea, and Thomasville Teal!!!

What do you think?  Which one will you be dying to dip your paintbrush in first?  What piece of furniture in your home is next in line for a fresh makeover...a new lease on life???

These AMAZING HUES will be out in the next month, and Elisa & Linda have already placed initial orders...Gee Golly, Summer isn't even over yet but it sure feels like Christmas!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

First Annual Sweet Vintage Trailer Show & Flea Market ~ This Saturday August 16th!!!

GinGilli’s Vintage Home, 21079 Geyserville Avenue, is hosting the First Annual Sweet Vintage Trailer Show and Flea Market Saturday August 16th, 8:00am-3:00pm.


Cloverdale local, Laura Waterhouse  is also the  Tow Girlz  Club NorCal Chapter President, part of Vintage Camper Trailers Club & Magazine.

Laura Waterhouse has been in Early Childhood Education for 30+ years and has a passion for Vintage Trailers.

What is a Vintage Trailer? We currently consider pre 1969 & older Vintage although there are some great 1970′s trailers that have joined our campouts.

How did you get into the Vintage Trailer scene? My boyfriend Nick Uribe thought it would be great to get out of a tent & camp in an old trailer, on a bed, especially now that we’re older & desire more comfort!

What was your first trailer? It was a backyard built 10′  1968 canned ham that we found & won the bid on ebay near Palm Springs.

How did you decorate it? I didn’t get much of a chance to decorate it after only camping in it for about a year. Nick decided to tear it apart to replace the rotten wood & he never could find enough time to finish it so he put the parts in the yard, than in the garage, than to the dump!

Why the obsession? I was obsessed from the beginning of camping in our little vintage trailer. It felt like a secret clubhouse that was away from everything, and it became our special place to get away from our busy day to day lives, to hideout. There was an instant feeling of being young again, like when we made tree houses & forts,  only the trailer has a real kitchen for food & we can stay inside & watch movies when it’s raining & take walks in the woods & sleep in & wake up in peace & quiet.


How many trailers have you had since you began and how many do you have now?
We said good bye to the Drifter & I was anxious to replace it & to keep exploring other campgrounds,  so I found a 14′ 68 Shasta LoFlyte on ebay in January 2008 and won
 the bid & picked it up outside of Sacramento. Nick & I both fell in love with the Shasta Trailers with the wings & starting looking at the history of the Shasta Trailer. They were originally built for portable military housing back in the early 40′s.

Once when we camped in our first little Drifter trailer at Cassini Ranch the campground host told us about a Vintage Trailer Rally that would be there so we signed up for our first VCT Rally in 2008 & we took our 68 Shasta. As Nick was replacing the new laminate tiles in the floor for our first Rally, right before we were going to leave, he sliced his thumb with the exacto knife! He said we were still going to go so I made him go to the ER on the way & we got to our first Rally around midnight that night!

I decorated the 68 Shasta in a vibrant tropical theme which included the ever popular pink flamingos.

After a couple years of camping & going to Rallies Nick found a longer Shasta on ebay that had a toilet & shower. Once again we won the bid for a 20′ 67 Shasta StarFlyte in October 2008 we drove up to Bend, Oregon to pick it up. Nick had to replace a lot of rotten wood in the back of this trailer but he knew how to do it this time after practicing on the old Drifter. Oh it’s been wonderful having a toilet while camping! I decided to go with the “Summer of Love” and  “Flower Power” theme for the decor in our 67 Shasta. I’ve had so much fun at GinGilli’s Vintage Collective  for things to put in the trailer. Pyrex, Melmac, a shiny percolator, a rotary telephone, a chenille bed spread & an atomic clock are just a few of the mid century items. Now I’m starting to collect mid century outfits to wear to the big rallies.

We have made some life long great friendships in the last couple of years. I find that we all have similar things in common. A love for a simpler old school way of life, very artistic & creative minds, explorers & eagerness to bring these old trailers back to life and  collect & save the things that are disappearing.

Where do you store all your trailers? The smaller 68 Shasta is in our Driveway and  our 67 Shasta is stored at the Citrus Fairgrounds. Somewhere a long the way we started connecting with more Vintage Camper Trailer enthusiasts & scheduling more camping trips & one of our friends that we bought our 68 smaller Shasta from, started our VCT Magazine & Clubs & Website & Facebook Page & it took off! We have become a super subculture sharing the love of Vintage Camper Trailers. It takes you back to a simpler way of life. Nick & I are hoping to downsize & retire & live & travel in our Vintage Trailers.We are crazy about the trailers now & can spot them from a mile away and are always searching to look at them on the internet.

I recently volunteered to be the first NorCal Tow Girlz Vintage Camper Trailers President. Our motto’s are “Rescue! Restore! Rally!” and “Trailerites Unite!”


What does your family think about Vintage Trailers?
At first our respective adult kids  thought we were off our rocker! Now they see that it is actually really cool. None of our 5 grown kids have camped in the trailers with us yet. That’ll probably happen after the grandkids start coming.

When will you be showcasing your trailers next?
We will be a part of a Vintage Trailer Flea Market & Open House at Gin’Gillis Vintage Home Collective. Mid September our VCT Club will be at the Petaluma KOA with a Public Open House of approximately 150 trailers & Yard Sales from 10-2 on Saturday. We’ll be out at the Lodi KOA mid October for a sold out rally & classic car show. There will be an Open House & Yard Sales from 10-2 on Saturday & someone’s getting hitched at this rally! In February Citrus Fair Weekend,  Nick & I will be hosting our 3rd VCT Rally at the Cloverdale KOA. There are a whole list of activities at the Campouts or Rallies including potlucks.

How can people find you? You can like our Vintage Camper Trailers page on Facebook to see all of the amazing trailers & events & also find postings of trailers for sale. You can also read the updated event news & order tshirts to be in our club and order our Magazine on our website @

Article By:
Deborah Serval Geyserville correspondent For The Press Democrat.

GLAMPING!!! The HOTTEST Trend In Outdoorsy Fun!!!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Saturday June 21st, 2014 Is The First Gin'Gilli's Vintage Bargain Parking Lot Flea Market Of The Summer + New Saturday Paint Made Easy Classes!!!

All year long Linda & Elisa dream of creating a fun & happy little outdoor flea market sale in the parking lot just outside of our store.  It has become an annual gathering where vendors, local artists, old friends & family, and dedicated customers meet to barter, trade, buy & sell!  The event has become wildly popular and attracts visitors from across the state and has been recognized in national blogs.  Many describe it as a bucket list event with a magical atmosphere, boasting inspirational and creative displays, and simply put, is the best little flea market in all of Sonoma County.

If you would like to sell all of your surplus goodies, and make some extra cash too, you can rent a tent sized space for only $25.00.  Contact the shop today for more details & to sign up!  Vendors already selling within the shop can set up a space for free!

The theme this Summer is "Save The World, Buy Vintage!"  In the spirit of recycling, upcycling, repurposing, revamping, & reinventing...We are encouraging you all to keep Mother Earth in mind!!!  "Give me your tired, your forlorn, Your neglected antiquities yearning to be sold, The wretched refuse of your bulging closets.  Send these, the vintage tchotchkes, rust-laden to me, I lift my tattered lamp shade beside the patina door!"  What will you find and rescue from the trash heap?  The only thing limiting you is the scope of your IMAGINATION!!!




Beginning SATURDAY June 14, and EVERY SECOND SATURDAY of the month, CeCe Caldwell's Paint Made Easy Classes begin 10:00am - 12:00 noon - SIGN UP TODAY!!!  For all of you that work during the week, now is your CHANCE to attend!!!

All of you fans of the house favorite, CeCe Caldwell's Natural Chalk + Clay Paints, can join us for our weekend edition of Elisa's popular paint workshops.  Bring in 2 unfinished pieces to paint (no bigger than a bread box), and go home with completed projects to show your family & friends!!!

For the affordable $45.00 registration fee you receive: A darling painting starter kit complete with Genuine CeCe Caldwell paint, & painting supplies - A $25.00 VALUE!!!  A 2 hour expert instruction course on how to use, apply, and manipulate this AMAZING paint product.  YOU WON'T BELIEVE HOW EASY THIS PAINT WORKS!!!  Exclusive use of our painting workshop that is right INSIDE our store.  This means no messy cleanup at home for you after you are done with your project!  Also, you can be inspired by all the pretty displays by our vendors - you may even want to purchase something within the store to paint and give a new life!  And access to our entire stock of VIBRANT PAINT COLORS to purchase for your very own use - Come Be INSPIRED!!!

And continuing as ALWAYS...Paint Made Easy Classes every Tuesday morning 11:00am - 1:00pm.


Do what you love, follow your passion.  However you want to say it, do something that makes you excited for the next day to arrive!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March Winds & April Showers, Bring Forth May Flowers!!!

Even though the weather cannot make up its mind with the promise of sunny days that dwindle into rainy afternoons, the forecast at Gin'Gilli's Vintage Home is ALWAYS OPTIMISTIC & FILLED WITH POSSIBILITIES!!!  Come see all the new merchandise that seems to be BLOOMING right before your eyes when you visit our ever changing shop...IT IS A SLICE OF SPRINGTIME GOODNESS, I TELL YA!!! 

The newest arrival at SMITTEN is this Stunning set of Solid Wood Gymnasium Lockers rescued from Ukiah High School...HEAVY, All WOOD construction, hand painted individual locker numbers, and the inside retains the original shelves and hanging rod as well!!!...come down and see this AMAZING piece of Local Vintage History TODAY!!!

MORE Blingy treasures from SMITTEN that will put the GLINT back in your EYE and SPRING back into your STEP!!!

Wine country souvenirs and patriotic Americana await you in Gina's Wood Art, one of out NEWEST & very TALENTED crafter / shopkeepers, in our brand new PALLET ROW, featuring UpCycled & Industrial Chic Decor & Utilitarian Objects!

Oh Say Can You See...???

Yellow Daffodils greet you at our front entrance, along with a collection of BUTTERY YELLOW Vintage Household Items...SO VERY DARLING!!!


EASTER is just around the corner...We have BASKETFULS of charming happies that will look great in those gift bags and favors you plan on giving to your guests after Easter Sunday morning services!!!  Come let us help you be INSPIRED by taking in all of our COLORFUL HUES!!!


On Sunday the birds go to church too! You have to see this monumental birdhouse in person to truly appreciate its beauty, along with all the FABULOUS merchandise awaiting your discovery in REDEEMED - a stylish shop in the back of our store!

IN FULL BLOOM...Visit REDEEMED and pick up a LARGER THAN LIFE metal flower that will keep your garden alive with style all year round!

Monday, March 17, 2014

A Man Spent Years Taking Photos Of One Small Town. When You Look Closer, You’ll See Why.

Artist and photographer Michael Paul Smith has spent hours upon hours photographing one special town that he holds very dear to his heart. There is something that always drew him to it, and the images he created are simple, but stunning. They glow with small-town charm and innocence, reminiscent of days and decades past.

Read more about these AMAZING photographs and the GENIUS technique utilized to acquire these images here:

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Q&A With Designer Thom Filicia!

Watch Thom dish on design tips and tricks for coastal spaces with Coastal Living Editor-In-Chief Antonia Van Der Meer.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION ~ Please pardon the dust and busy bees flittering & fluttering about!!!

Please forgive the misplaced tables, the sound of drills tightening screws, and the sweeping of brooms to and fro!...WE PROMISE WE ARE NOT CLOSING OUR DOORS!!!

We are simply creating a BRAND NEW LOOK for all of our customers to OHHH & AHHH over!!!

As we all know..."The Only Thing Constant is CHANGE"...and we live by that old adage here at Gin'Gilli's Vintage Home!  So CHANGE it shall be!!!

First off, our CeCe Caldwell Paint Workshop will be relocated to the back corner of our store (Where Hecka Swank once put up shop!) - this now gives our paint class students a well-lit place to do their projects while our shoppers can move about more freely discovering and buying their treasures!

Moreover, this gives us a new opportunity to bring you a BRAND NEW shop...the "working title" of this newly merchandised store-within-the-store is: PALLET ROW!!!  Linda & Elisa have envisioned an area where the goods & products presented have an INDUSTRIAL & RUSTY feel!!!  Think gears, old farming equipment begging to be repurposed, architectural salvage, vintage hardware, & rustic relics!  Just like the name suggests, the display fixtures used to fabricate this shopping zone were totally fashioned from old wooden shipping pallets!  BIG PROPS go out to Matt (The Salvaged Nail) for putting the Pallet Row together and doing construction!  We are polishing up our look and resetting all the vendors & merchandise as we speak, so be sure to come in the next few weeks to see our progress and ultimately the FINISHED PRODUCT!!!

We would also like to take this moment to WELCOME and GREET new vendors to the shop!!!: 
Let's welcome, Ronna (Keefers Collections) selling her Mom's (Phyllis) rag rugs, on our Market Vendor Row, moving in this week.  Returning to the Row is Kimber (now called Kitty's the Kouture is gone) with wine country gifts.  Leaving Market Vendor Row and all moved into our new Pallet Row are Matt and Bethany (The Salvaged Nail).  Alecia and Sherri (Chianti Cottage) will be setting up in Pallet Row this week.  Also on Pallet Row, Gina of (Gina's Wood Art) will be moving in at the end of the week selling wine barrel art!

So please come by and see all the NEWNESS in Geyserville TODAY!!!  The warmer weather is INSPIRING us all to SPRUCE up our homes and LET THE SUN SHINE IN!!!  Happy Springtime Everyone!!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Scarlet Sensibilities

The Color RED is popping up all over the shop!!!  When decorating with this FABULOUS HUE, you inject a sense of excitement and wild abandon to your living space!  Do you dare be BRAVE enough to make a bold statement as this?  Why not come in today and search for the perfect VINTAGE RED PIECE that will scream "LOOK AT ME"..."OH LA LA"..."LOVE IT"...& "MY OH MY"!!!

The color of LOVE is in the air!!!  We have freshly painted grain sack inspired occasional tables, Coca~Cola collectibles, darling handmade signs, vintage trunks, and a plethora of sweet kitchen storage tins!!!  Celebrate your inherent Joie De Vivre and sprinkle a dash of RED into your world!!!


Friday, February 7, 2014

JUST ARRIVED ~ New CeCe Paint Order ~ NEW COLORS!!!

BRAND NEW Paint order just arrived!!!  We are fully stocked again!!!
FRESH ADDITIONS:  2 metallic waxes for those who like shine and bling!  Great on picture frames etc.
New color Kailua Coral and soon in stock Minnesota Pink Lady's Slipper - Come in and check out these new BLUSHING hues!!!

Also, new Paint Kits:  All are tagged and marked!  "Starter Kit" $35 and "Go For It Kit" $75.

As always, Paint Workshops happening every Tuesday - SIGN UP TODAY!!!

Fun DIY Project Using CeCe Caldewll Paints & Finishes!!!

CeCe Caldwell Paint Factory Tour ~ Meet The Creators Of This Fine Product!!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goodbye 2013 ~ HELLO 2014!!!



Monday, December 9, 2013

Vintage Home For The Holidays!!!

Please visit us in the next few weeks to see all the shiny lights and comfy cozy vintage holiday goodness our talented crafters and keen vendors have procured to make your Christmas season Merry & Bright!!!  Here is just a small peek at what awaits you beneath the Vintage Home Christmas Tree...Come Home, Vintage Home, For The Holidays!!!