Friday, February 1, 2013

COMING SOON...CeCe Caldwell Paint Workshops!

Elisa & Linda have been busy organizing and designing our back room into a little "Painting Workspace".  They have designated a tiny corner in the back of our shop to use for demonstrations and learning.  In the very near future we are plan on scheduling a series of interactive classes and workshops that will help you grow your design sense, become a better DIY-er, and help you coax out your "Inner Crafter"!  We hope to offer jewelry making classes, recycled crafts, and even interior design lessons...SO STAY TUNED!!!

The first in this series of lessons will be a FURNITURE PAINTING WORKSHOP!  And, of course, we will be promoting the user-friendly paint we all LOVE...CeCe Caldwell's Chalk & Clay Paints!  Ever wanted to give that odd chair a facelift?  Tired of those drab oak stained picture frames?  Does your sad and dated interior bring you down?  Perhaps all you need is a JOLT of COLOR to revive them all!

Before & After side table project using "Carolina Sun Yellow"!

About CeCe Caldwell’s Eco-Friendly, Natural Clay Paints

CeCe Caldwell’s Paints began with the dream to find a earth and people friendly paint for furniture and home decor.  The dream to have products that could safely be used by anyone: Professional artisans; DIYers; healthy individuals; parents; people with respiratory or other illnesses and those concerned about leaving the world a better place.

We offer you products that are safer and better for the environment.  Our mineral paint have no Volatile Organic Compounds, are non-toxic and have no odor. The paint contains NO acrylic co-polymers, solvents, formaldehyde, ammonia, ethylene glycol or toxic heavy metals.  The minerals are clay, porcelain clay and chalk blended into a water based solution.  The paint is packaged in recycled plastic containers.  Our wax is made from insect and plant sources.  It also has very low odor and is packaged in recycled plastic containers.

Our products are easy enough for a first time DIYer and perform well enough for use by professional painters and furniture finishers. The paint is self-priming.  Start with a clean surface and one to two coats generally give complete coverage.  Superior adhesion means most surfaces do not require a prep coat of primer prior to painting.  The sealing wax glides on evenly and easily for speedy application.  Clean up is fast; use warm soapy water to clean all tools and applicators.

Our color palette is based on the trends and traditions found in America.  Inspiration comes from both coastal regions, the soaring mountain areas, the great grain fields, the spectacular deserts, the big cities and the rural towns.  It is diverse, it is bold, it is subtle and it is charming.  It is naturally green, in the color of your choice.  

So please stay in touch with us, call the store, check the blog, and "like" us on Facebook!  We will soon be signing up anyone interested in doing our very first live PAINT WORKSHOP at Gin'Gilli's Vintage Home!!!

Linda & Elisa

Exceptional Service & A Friendly Shopping Atmosphere!

We were so excited to receive the following email message (below) from Kathy Dagoli a "Happy Customer" -  A warm and friendly feeling kept these two friends in the store shopping for over 2 hours!

BIG Thanks to Richert (Smitten) and Kimber (Kitty's Kouture) for your wonderful customer service on a very very busy Sunday during Geyserville's  Winter Wineland Event.  You are the BEST!  We know that our reputation for Kindness, a Visually Appealing store, and Exceptional Service will continue, so we invite you to come in person to experience it for yourself, firsthand!

Check out these accolades:

"My friend and I visited your store on Sunday.  We were so impressed!  I had been to the previous store as well as many antique stores over the years and I must compliment you on everything you're doing right!

Between us we bought two tables and a cabinet and some small items and we can't wait to come back!  The gentleman and the gal that were working that day were AWESOME!  The displays are great . . . there's just a warm, friendly feel and we stayed a long time (even with plans to be elsewhere)!

Common courtesy is so important in public relations but I just wanted you to know that our experience there was a "10".  I'm so pleased for the location you landed . . . you're going to get so many customers and repeat customers . . . both tourists and locals.  I live in Cloverdale and my friend lives in Ukiah and we're going to tell all our girlfriends!  What a great afternoon!  Fun finds, great presentation and excellent service.  It doesn't get any better than that.  Clever, neat, tidy . . . well put together . . . it's all good!

Best of luck in your new location . . . . bigger than it appears on the outside . . .  and all the Alexander/Dry Creek Valley wine events plus the Geyserville events and the local restaurants/lodging are going to love you!  Thanks for improving our community! ~ Kathy Dogali
. . . . A Happy Customer!"

WELCOME New Market Vendors & VALENTINE Hearts Abound!

Big changes are happening throughout the store as regular vendors revamp and reinvent their spaces after the jolly holidays...There is a hint of SPRING cleaning on the wind...time to think of switching up your interior space, paint your surroundings a new shade of OPTIMISM, and gather your ENERGY to ENLIVEN your home with a free-spirited SENSIBILITY & CHARM!!!  Gin'Gilli's Vintage Home vendors are bringing in NEW MERCHANDISE, EVERY DAY, that will help you transition into 2013 with STYLE, GRACE, & FRESHNESS!!!

That being said, we WELCOME a few new friendly faces to our Geyserville Market Vendor family:

Welcome BACK, Susan Kennedy (#13) who maintains a FABULOUS jewelry case filled with earrings, pendants and bracelets she fashions recycling old typewriter keys.  She also hand knits darling hats and warm sleeves that keep off the chill.  We have taken two orders already!

Additionally, we have Kris (Uber Hair Ties) and Marsha selling their unique creations that will sruce up your hairdo, all the while keeping those flyaway locks out of your way!

Also, Jim Theisen (Jim) has intriguing signs and other masculine vintage items to offer in his booth.

More Market Vendors will be trickling in throughout the first few weeks in February, so be sure to come on in and introduce yourself and check out their fresh-to-the-market inventory!

 Please also join us in greeting our newest regular space vendors, Suzannah, Victoria, Tessa, & Becky...We are pleased as punch to have you all!!!

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and we have lots of pretty RED items that will warm your HEART, and PINK pieces that are sure to TICKLE your fancy!!!

Vintage kitschy linens will make you swoon from "Dragonfly"

Primitive bears and country needlework hearts your sweetie will cherish from "Of Sympler Tymes"

LOVE takes flight at Gin'Gilli's Vintage Home!!!- LOVE to LOVE ya BABY!!!