Friday, February 1, 2013

Exceptional Service & A Friendly Shopping Atmosphere!

We were so excited to receive the following email message (below) from Kathy Dagoli a "Happy Customer" -  A warm and friendly feeling kept these two friends in the store shopping for over 2 hours!

BIG Thanks to Richert (Smitten) and Kimber (Kitty's Kouture) for your wonderful customer service on a very very busy Sunday during Geyserville's  Winter Wineland Event.  You are the BEST!  We know that our reputation for Kindness, a Visually Appealing store, and Exceptional Service will continue, so we invite you to come in person to experience it for yourself, firsthand!

Check out these accolades:

"My friend and I visited your store on Sunday.  We were so impressed!  I had been to the previous store as well as many antique stores over the years and I must compliment you on everything you're doing right!

Between us we bought two tables and a cabinet and some small items and we can't wait to come back!  The gentleman and the gal that were working that day were AWESOME!  The displays are great . . . there's just a warm, friendly feel and we stayed a long time (even with plans to be elsewhere)!

Common courtesy is so important in public relations but I just wanted you to know that our experience there was a "10".  I'm so pleased for the location you landed . . . you're going to get so many customers and repeat customers . . . both tourists and locals.  I live in Cloverdale and my friend lives in Ukiah and we're going to tell all our girlfriends!  What a great afternoon!  Fun finds, great presentation and excellent service.  It doesn't get any better than that.  Clever, neat, tidy . . . well put together . . . it's all good!

Best of luck in your new location . . . . bigger than it appears on the outside . . .  and all the Alexander/Dry Creek Valley wine events plus the Geyserville events and the local restaurants/lodging are going to love you!  Thanks for improving our community! ~ Kathy Dogali
. . . . A Happy Customer!"

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