Friday, October 12, 2012

What We Call Chaos, Heaven Calls Change...Change Is Divine!

We are all aware that we already possess all the inner wisdom, strength, and creativity needed to make our dreams come true.  It is in the spirit of that very affirmation that we make this very EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT!  Vintage Home Collective Is Moving!!!

After much consideration and deliberation, prayer and contemplation, we have decided to change our shop location.  Although we are only moving right down the street, we are undergoing other transformations as well!  Our new location will be at: 21079 Suite E  Geyserville Avenue, Geyserville, CA. 95441

The decision to relocate was very complex, but after discussing all of the possible outcomes at great length, we made our choice based on a few positive and key factors:

At our new spot we will be right in the middle of Downtown Geyserville.  This is business central!  We will be occupying a "U" shaped building complex with shared businesses adjacent to our location.  Currently AJ's Mini Mart and The Route 128 Vineyards Tasting Room are all nearby.  The footprint of our store is almost the same size as the property we now occupy, with the possibility of expansion.  We will continue to do Collector's Fairs and other "outside" events throughout the year.


This was a no-brainer!  It was always a challenge for us to get customers to find the shop.  Now, the inherent flow of tourists and visitors that already patronize established restaurants, businesses, and wine tasting rooms Downtown, will easily find us.  Since Geyserville is such a small town, many people wander afoot while waiting for table reservations or search for a little distraction after having a glass of Pinot.  It is our hope that we'll finally be discovered by new shoppers simply because of our increased visibility!  This ultimately means we get to meet new friends (our cherished and beloved customers and natives alike) while our vendors continue to succeed and thrive in their individual enterprises.


As of October we will be the ONLY vintage / antique shop in all of Geyserville.  We plan to capitalize on this exclusivity by providing our town with a store that has a reputation for supplying merchandise of the utmost quality and superior selection.  Visitors and regulars alike can expect a pleasant and gratifying experience EVERY TIME THEY COME IN!  We will continue to be the best little gift shop in Geyserville!


Now that we no longer feel disjointed and separated from the core of Downtown, we look forward to being more active in the community in which we work.  This means the possibility of future collaborations, growing working relationships with fellow business owners, and fostering an environment of goodwill and positivity that benefits EVERYONE .  We want to put Geyserville on the map as a DESTINATION SPOT for tourists, and we want to do it TOGETHER!

In the spirit of CHANGE and NEW BEGINNINGS, we are also modifying our store name.  Going forward we will now be known as
"Gin'Gilli's Vintage Home".  A visual re-branding of our company will be apparent in all of our future signage, flyers, and marketing materials.  Here is a sneak peak at the new logo designed for our blog:

You will also be glad to know that 100% of your favorite vendors will be making the move.  That's right!...All the great sellers you already know and love at our old location will be represented at our new location - along with a few new ones!  So a gentle reminder: Please plan on attending our last Collector's Fair on October 27th (see the previous blog post for details!).  We will be running HUGE SALES so we have less to move.  By supporting this sale, you are guaranteeing fresh looking spaces in our new spot...our vendors always have new treasures waiting in the wings, so more space, means more COOL NEW STUFF!

On October 30th we will start our transition, and hopefully be all done in a few days.  Technically, we will not "close shop" during our move!  Both doors at both locations will be wide open and we are willing to sell anything you see - even out of moving boxes!  Please bear with us as we get settled and dressed up in our pretty new space!

 At The New & Improved Gin'Gilli's Vintage Home We Pledge To:
  • Continue to provide you with a compelling and happy shopping experience marked by excellent customer service in a friendly carefree environment!
  • Promise to stock our store with treasures filled with nostalgia, honey-laced memories, and sunshine infused colors!  Only the best merchandise for our clientele!
  • Provide excellent music in our store that will keep you shopping, or dancing with delight for that matter!
  • Always display and merchandise our spaces in an inspiring and innovative fashion, thus triggering your imagination and igniting your creativity!
  • Teach you how to beautify your life through instructive workshops, decorating demonstrations, and shared heirloom recipes!
  • Help you surround your home with items, from our shop, that put a smile on your face and make you happy everyday!
  • Strive to treat people with Kindness, because Kindness Matters!
On a final note, we would like to thank our landlord Dave Rose for the opportunity to start and grow our business on his property.  Dave, your support over the years and the improvements you made to make our shop more comfortable and inviting will never be forgotten.  Also, to all of our trustworthy neighbors on the surrounding lot, Thank You for watching over our store in our absence.  We will miss seeing your friendly faces daily, but we hope you will come by our new location often.


Elisa Burroughs, Linda Elgin, & The Rest Of The Staff At Gin'Gilli's Vintage Home!


  1. Good luck! Sure you're going to continue to do well! :-)

  2. So glad to see you in a new location in Geyserville. When I drove by and saw the old one closed, my heart sank. Good luck in your new space and I look forward to visiting you often. Also, nice to meet you today! ~Delores

  3. So glad to see you too Delores...Can't wait to hear more about the new B & B. Thanks Vintage Living Magazine and a big thanks to all of our locals for finding us! If you haven't seen the new digs yet...come on by. We've extended our hours M-S 10-5:30 and Sundays 11-5