Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Trend Watch ~ Autumn 2013

Wanna know what is HOT & ALL THE RIOT when it comes to Chic Personal Style this Fall?  Well look no further...we have compiled the following Top 5 trends for all you shoppers and vendors alike.  These HOT TRENDS are in the forecast, so look for these colors, materials, & design motifs to be everywhere in the coming months...

The color of SUNSHINE makes a big comeback...YELLOW evokes Optimism & Cheerfulness, this pop of color will electrify your personal look!

STRIPES add a sense of order and calm...perfectly integrated into modern and casual living spaces alike.  Look for patterns with neutral hues that are offset by unexpected colors or gradient widths...these are new interpretations on a basic.


Reticulated, punched-out, carved, or incised...products that have a fractured or broken surface will be everywhere this Fall...kinda retro 70's...these items make a room feel feather-light and easy-breezy.  Don't forget to look for these design details in clothing...vintage lace, cutout and sheer back shirt panels, and even suede shoes with airy vents in stylish patterns.

Think of dining on the Mediterranean coast, shopping Moorish night markets, and East Indian architecture.  Surround yourself with these subtle nuances and you will feel like you are on a far away holiday in an exotic and intoxicating city with not a care in the world.

This utilitarian material is back in Vogue...forget about its durability and long lasting qualities, items designed with Sisal, Jute Cord, & Twine give your interior an earthy, no nonsense feeling, while colored string details add a touch of whimsy and kitsch to your world.

Keep these trends in mind when shopping at Gin'Gilli's Vintage Home as many of our vendors will be following these marketplace demands and filling their spaces with items that give a nod to these popular and exciting details.  Use these trends to update your home, make subtle changes to your existing look, and keep up with the times!!!

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