Wednesday, March 12, 2014

UNDER CONSTRUCTION ~ Please pardon the dust and busy bees flittering & fluttering about!!!

Please forgive the misplaced tables, the sound of drills tightening screws, and the sweeping of brooms to and fro!...WE PROMISE WE ARE NOT CLOSING OUR DOORS!!!

We are simply creating a BRAND NEW LOOK for all of our customers to OHHH & AHHH over!!!

As we all know..."The Only Thing Constant is CHANGE"...and we live by that old adage here at Gin'Gilli's Vintage Home!  So CHANGE it shall be!!!

First off, our CeCe Caldwell Paint Workshop will be relocated to the back corner of our store (Where Hecka Swank once put up shop!) - this now gives our paint class students a well-lit place to do their projects while our shoppers can move about more freely discovering and buying their treasures!

Moreover, this gives us a new opportunity to bring you a BRAND NEW shop...the "working title" of this newly merchandised store-within-the-store is: PALLET ROW!!!  Linda & Elisa have envisioned an area where the goods & products presented have an INDUSTRIAL & RUSTY feel!!!  Think gears, old farming equipment begging to be repurposed, architectural salvage, vintage hardware, & rustic relics!  Just like the name suggests, the display fixtures used to fabricate this shopping zone were totally fashioned from old wooden shipping pallets!  BIG PROPS go out to Matt (The Salvaged Nail) for putting the Pallet Row together and doing construction!  We are polishing up our look and resetting all the vendors & merchandise as we speak, so be sure to come in the next few weeks to see our progress and ultimately the FINISHED PRODUCT!!!

We would also like to take this moment to WELCOME and GREET new vendors to the shop!!!: 
Let's welcome, Ronna (Keefers Collections) selling her Mom's (Phyllis) rag rugs, on our Market Vendor Row, moving in this week.  Returning to the Row is Kimber (now called Kitty's the Kouture is gone) with wine country gifts.  Leaving Market Vendor Row and all moved into our new Pallet Row are Matt and Bethany (The Salvaged Nail).  Alecia and Sherri (Chianti Cottage) will be setting up in Pallet Row this week.  Also on Pallet Row, Gina of (Gina's Wood Art) will be moving in at the end of the week selling wine barrel art!

So please come by and see all the NEWNESS in Geyserville TODAY!!!  The warmer weather is INSPIRING us all to SPRUCE up our homes and LET THE SUN SHINE IN!!!  Happy Springtime Everyone!!!

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